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-The Revolution Within-
Health, Healing & Wellness

Everyone has dealt with challenges.  Many neighbors in McElderry Park deal daily with major stress, trauma and grief.  Beyond ordinary living, the community has been a distressed underserved neighborhood where violence and poverty are part of the story.  Resilience and recovery are also a part of the story!


The Center for Grace-Full Living (CGL) receives wisdom from neighbors to find out what will make life better.  A core organizational value is that people closest to the challenges have the best insight to know what solutions will be meaningful and healing.  Resident requested activities, courses & events are planned and carried out responding to input from neighbors.  All are offered for free to the community have included - NA/AA, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, creative writing, dance, music, acupuncture, marshal arts, computer skills, legal aid, STD/I testing, counseling & more! In addition,  multiple partners provide programming and support to strengthen the community. At present, the Center for Grace-Full Living is being used on Mondays (from 8:30am-12pm & 12:30-4pm) by Behavioral Health Leadership Institute for a suboxone clinic and is a temporary home to Safe Streets East. 

Many of the health & wellness programs were suspended during the pandemic and we're actively seeking programming ideas from neighbors and support from partners & volunteers who are eager to share their time & talents as we scale back up. Reach out to Beth at the church to connect with your input or to learn about partnering!

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