Healing Together - The Revolution Within

Everyone has dealt with challenges.  Many neighbors in McElderry Park deal daily with major stress and grief.  Beyond ordinary living, the community has been a distressed underserved neighborhood where violence and poverty are part of the story.  But resilience and recovery are also a part of the story. 


The Center for Grace-Full Living (CGL) receives wisdom from neighbors to find out what will make life better.  A core organizational value is that people closest to the challenges have the best insight to know what solutions will be meaningful and healing.  Resident requested activities and 6 week mini-courses are planned and carried out responding to conversations and surveys from neighbors.  These course offerings are free to the community, and include things like yoga, mindfulness meditation, creative writing, music appreciation, group acupuncture, marshal arts, computer skills, cooking classes healing art, faith based studies, and others. In addition,  multiple partners provide programming and support to strengthen the community.  These include caregiver support groups carried out periodically by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a suboxone clinic carried out weekly by the Behavioral Health Leadership Institute, HIV and testing and support operated by Sisters Together and Reaching (STAR), Legal clinics offered for healthcare advance directives and power of attorney, as well as estate planning carried out by the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland.

Since the pandemic, most activities (except gardening) have been suspended.  We are eager to begin these activities again when public health officials confirm it is safe to do so.