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Gary Dittman, Pastor

Pastor Gary has walked with the community of Amazing Grace since 2009.  Amazing Grace is deeply committed to be a healing presence in the community, and through his leadership, has greatly expanded the programming at Center for Grace-Full Living.  He and his wife Karen have been married over 30 years and enjoy gardening, travel, and living in Baltimore.

Beth Myers-Edwards, Engagement Coordinator

Beth is a community member and social worker with a passion for building relationships.  She's been attending Amazing Grace since 2009 and in August 2023 joined the team to help with administrative & program support, communications, fundraising, congregational & community engagement and individual social work support for neighbors. 

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Candice Marcano, Food Ministry Coordinator

Candice is a gifted cook who has a passion for insuring hungry neighbors have access to good healthy food.  She prepares food with passion, bringing some of the spice of Trinidad, where she grew up.

Lance Cooper, Music Ministry Coordinator

We're grateful to our Sexton Dennis & Pianist Tai

and for the love & support of the full Church Council! 

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