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Leadership Team

Pastor Gary Dittman

Pastor Gary has walked with the community of Amazing Grace since 2009.  Amazing Grace is deeply committed to be a healing presence in the community, and through his leading, has greatly expanded the programming at Center for Grace-Full Living at Amazing Grace, a wellness center which houses a food pantry, afterschool programming, and The Revolution Within (TRW).  He and his wife Karen have been married over 30 years and enjoy gardening, travel, and living in Baltimore.

Candice Marcano- Food Ministry Coordinator

Candice is a gifted cook who has a passion for insuring hungry neighbors have access to good healthy food.  She prepares food with passion, bringing some of the spice of Trinidad to her cooking where she grew up.  

Tia Hyatt- Office Administrator

Tia is grateful she’s able to use her administrative gifts and love for people at Amazing Grace. She loves spending much of her time serving in the community. Tia hopes to pour out the love of Jesus on everyone she meets. 

Lance Cooper - Worship Leader
Lance is a Baltimore based musician who grew up on the east side of Baltimore. Lance has spent many years singing in the Amazing Grace choir and Although He is very excited to have the opportunity to lead worship every Sunday at Amazing Grace, he is eager to get back to the day where we can all sing together.
Lance singing1.jpg


In 1996, three historic churches in East Baltimore merged to form Amazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

A truly multi-cultural congregation, Amazing Grace seeks to be a  safe healthy healing place in the east Baltimore neighborhood of McElderry Park. Leaning into God's vision for us and the world, we walk together following Jesus, working to  bring healing, peace and justice to ourselves, neighbors, and the community.

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