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Learning to Re-connect

"Walk with us, our spirits sigh: Hear when our weary spirits cry, Feel again Our loss, our pain: Jesus, take us to Your side.

Walk with us, the road will bend: Make all our weeping, wailing end. Wipe our tears, Forgive our fears: Jesus, lift the heavy cross." Hymn: "Stay With Us" by Herbert Brokering

Good Morning Beloveds. K and I have taken a staycation this week, and I have largely been offline. I’ve needed it. Needed to take a step back and breathe.

I’ve been reflecting about this moment, and this last year and a half.

In some ways, I have tremendous hope about the future. I am so grateful vaccines are making such an impact on the spread of Covid.

In other ways, I am still cautious. There are variants present, and while I am not one to live in fear, I am mindful of vulnerable neighbors who still can not be vaccinated, particularly children.

And then there is the fact that I am just plain tired. Tired of the concern, tired of the amount of energy this new streaming culture requires, Tired of not connecting with people I love. I recognize this is all of us.

All of us have this cocktail of mixed feelings, emotions, and energy. So here’s the plan: Keep being gentle, with yourself and others. Keep caring for one another. Keep loving and connecting in different ways. And take the steps you need to take at the speed you feel comfortable with. Figuring out how to engage takes lot’s of energy. But we’ve got one another, and God’s got us.

Love and Peace to you all.


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